Topic: Influencing factors and measures of water in gasifier

(1) The change of gas velocity at gas velocity is an important factor leading to water in the gasifier. When the gasifier is under high load operation or the furnace temperature control is high, the gas generation volume of the gasifier can be rapidly increased. As a result, the gas velocity is increased, the gas flow is enhanced to the liquid dispersion, and the liquid circulation phenomenon is aggravated, thus causing water to be carried.
(2) The load gasifier is basically in a high load operation state.
(about 130% of the original design load), the pressure and temperature are higher, and the gas volume is correspondingly increased, but the gap through which the airflow passes does not change, and the increase in gas velocity also causes the gasifier to bring water; at low load, although The turbulent circulation phenomenon is not formed, and the droplets dispersed by the airflow are also fine under a relatively high load state, but the velocity of the droplets entrained in the gas stream is still greater than the sedimentation speed of the droplets, and the gasifier is still brought with water; the frequency of load increase and decrease and Excessive adjustment can also cause water. Long-term practice shows that the load is maintained at 120% of the design load, and the load should be added or subtracted as little as possible. The adjustment range should not be too fast. This not only prevents the gasifier from carrying water, but also long-term and stable operation of the system. It is also extremely advantageous.
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