Topic: What should I pay attention to when using a heating stove?

1. If it is found that the water tank cannot be ignited when it is frozen, the water tank cannot be ignited when there is water shortage. 2, when using the heating stove, as long as it feels that the house is not cold, do not open the valve too much, or if the heating behind is not enough, it is necessary to consciously abide by it, don't just care about others, after all, the company installs the heating stove for one in a group. 3, power outage, pump damage, pipeline rupture, radiator leakage, water tank water spray needs to hook out the burning coal, extinguish the fire, do not use water to pour out the fire, so as not to burn people, fire can be repaired. 4. No water loss, the water tank should be filled with two-thirds of the water level, and the water level should be at least one-third. It is strictly forbidden to operate in the absence of water and water, so as not to burn the stove. If there is a lot of water, check if the system is leaking and repair it in time. Direct use of hot water in the system is prohibited, so as not to shorten the service life of the stove and system. 5. Do not use a thick iron bar to force the coal in the furnace to avoid destroying the grate. 6. Shake the handle gently when removing the ash. If you feel the difficulty when shaking, you can gently shake it back and forth. If the feeling is really shaking, it may be that the grate is stuck, indicating that the cinder is coke or there is coal gangue. After the fire hook is removed, it will be cleaned. Do not use too much force to break the grate, or use the foot to shake the handle. After the cleaning, the rocker is restored to the middle position, and the slag and the ash in the ash chamber are removed in time to avoid burning the grate. 7, timely cleaning, to avoid burning the furnace strip, coal slag is not allowed in the furnace, need to be cleaned in time to prevent agglomeration in the furnace. When adding coal and cleaning ash, the door of the switch furnace should be carefully watched to prevent the fire from falling out. 8. Do not let off the water in the system and the stove during the non-heating period to prevent the system and the stove from rusting. During the winter ceasefire, the water in the stove and system must be drained to avoid freezing and cracking the stove and system.


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